05 May 2017

Bulk is Back!

This month we introduced THREE new bulk items at the store.  Lately we have been hearing from a lot of customers who are interested in ZERO-WASTE LIVING.  These folks aim to reduce or eliminate non-recyclable waste from their lives, and do so by changing their lifestyles and buying habits.  One great way to reduce waste is to refill your own containers with bulk items.
Our newest refillable items are dish soap, liquid laundry detergent, and shampoo!
REDUCE PLASTIC - Every 20L container of shampoo we refill saves 40 shampoo bottles worth of plastic.  Yes, plastic is recyclable, but there are serious environmental consequences caused by the production of plastic, and inherent in the recycling process.  In addition, plastic cannot be recycled indefinitely.  Most plastic is only recycled 7-9 times before its fibres become too short.  By comparison, glass and aluminum can be recycled indefinitely. 

REDUCE TRANSPORTATION – Buying in bulk allows products to be transported efficiently.  The overall footprint of the product is smaller in the truck, and fewer cardboard boxes are required than with individually packaged product 

SAVE MONEY – Compared with the same product in its original packaging, here are the savings: 
Unscented Company Dish soap 750ml – Save $1.50 by refilling
Unscented Company Laundry soap 1.95L (78 loads) – Save $4 by refilling
Oneka Shampoo 500ml – Save $6 by refilling!


Oneka is a Quebec-based company started by power couple Philippe Choiniere and Stacey Lecuyer, who want to make a positive impact on people's health and the water ecosystems. Before starting their business, Stacey had been suffering from eczema for over 20 years and Philippe had been allergic to synthetic fragrances all his life.  
Their shampoo is hypoallergenic, non-drying, and leaves hair shiny and healthy.  It is safe for coloured hair too. 
Around here it’s a favourite for staff and customers, and our go-to hypo-allergenic shampoo.  It’s also great if your home is on a septic or grey water system because it is easily biodegradable.  Many of us have learned to appreciate the unscented product as-is for a fresh-feeling clean.  Others spice it up with their choice of essential oils! 
Our second great new bulk brand is the Unscented company.  
Our staff like the dish soap because it foams nicely and cleans well.  The Unscented Company has taken strides to build their company around sound environmental and social practices, and have been certified as a B-Corp.   
They prioritize doing business with Canadian, privately owned and family-run businesses.  Their website has a list of further goals to decrease their environmental footprint: http://www.theunscentedcompany.com/sustainability/http://www.theunscentedcompany.com/sustainability/
Stone store staff have tested all new bulk products and they have our seal of approval. Come try them for yourselves and let us know what you think!

18 April 2017

Are you “Nuts for Cheese” yet?

We've just started carrying a new line of vegan cheese called “Nuts for Cheese” and already it is gaining popularity amongst a wide range of customers. Recently we were fortunate to have Laura up from London, Ontario to demo it.  She notes that in some stores they've even had to downplay the fact that it is vegan because it's so good that even dairy-eaters love it.

So what's the secret to making a decent vegan cheese that actually tastes like cheese? Cashews, and lots of them.  We at the Stone Store particularly enjoy the authentic cheesy texture, with each wedge delicately spiced to produce a rich flavour.  Flavours include: Un-Brie-Lievable, Smokey Artichoke, Red Rind (featuring a turmeric and paprika rind) and Chipotle Cheddar (featuring chipotle peppers in adobo sauce).

Stone Store employee Karin lived in London when the Nuts for Cheese phenomenon began. She told us how founder Margaret Coons began making it out of a local vegan restaurant called Veg Out. From there she began selling it out of the Western Fair Farmer's Market.  “Then it just kind of blew up and gained popularity,” she says, adding that some people even make cakes out of these cheeses. “You can eat the whole wedge and not feel like garbage.” (Well, maybe save some for your housemates please!)

Curious?  Come and try some for yourself.   Maybe you'll become brie-liever too!
The Stone Store Crew

10 April 2017

05 April 2017

Get Ready for Spring with the Stone Store

Spring is here and like you the Stone Store is gearing up for sunnier skies.  

Remember those Colbri Wet/Dry Bags you had your eye on last spring? The ones with the stunning patterns so practical for trips to the splash pad? Now is your last chance to pick one up!

Check them out two fun spring patterns and colours, now 40 % off.
Three convenient sizes:
Go Light ...... reg. 10.99 now 6.99 (great for baby wipes or food)
Clutch ......... reg. 23.99 now 14.99 (great for cloth diapers and potty training)
Explore ....... reg. 48.99 now 29.99 (perfect for swimming)
All are made in Canada.

And our latest exciting new product:
Alba Botanica's new very emollient sunblock spray!
Sean's particularly excited to try this one because at 50 spf it's strong enough to protect his sun-damaged skin.

This sunblock uses an air-powered continuous spray system with no chemical propellants and sprays on clear. Fragrance free and water and sweat resistant, it lasts for an outstanding 80 minutes.
   Available in Kids' SPF 50 and Sport SPF 50.

Don't wait until your first burn of the season to buy sunscreen - now is the time to get ready for fun in the sun.
Wishing you all sunny skies and fun days at the splash pad,
The Stone Store

26 October 2016

Saugeen Country Dairy

Are you ready for another local producer showcase?!

We are!  Today our blog takes a field trip to the country.
The first thing you need to know about Saugeen Country Dairy is that it was organic even before it was cool.  Their products have been organic since 1994, and even before that they were certified with the Biodynamic Society of Ontario in 1988.  Nowadays, they hold certifications from both Eco-Cert (for organic practices) and Demeter (for biodynamics).  Biodynamic farming takes their organic practices to an even higher level, incorporating holistic philosophies to farm management

19 August 2016

Going Local with Seedy Steve Pancake Mixes - Made in Guelph!

Here at the Stone Store, we love supporting innovative local enterprises, and the latest has been Seedy Steve with his hearty Pancake mixes.

Steve Snoek created his signature pancake mix to offer a healthier alternative to bread for his family.  To do so, he went back to his Mom's classic pancake recipe, and started by reducing the wheat flour.  To make up the difference, he started experimenting with bulking up the rest of the recipe with healthy seeds.  He ended up adding buckwheat flour, poppy seeds, shredded coconut, ground flax, black chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds.  

15 April 2016

Green since the beginning.

For some businesses, environmental issues are an afterthought, but here at the Stone Store we strive to be green through and through - whether in the products we decide to stock, the packing options we offer, or the causes we support.  Here are some of the highlights!

04 March 2016

A Little Sun for the Yorklands Greenhub

 Coolest product ever: Now at our store we are selling rechargeable solar lamps.  Better yet, when when you buy one, you make a global (and local) impact!

Little Sun is a social enterprise focused on getting clean, reliable, affordable light to the 1.1 billion people worldwide without access to electricity.

05 February 2016

Winter Night Market

Our store loves to celebrate local products, and that's why we jumped at the opportunity to support a new local artisan market - The Guelph Night Market!  After a very successful market in Autumn 2015, Theresa Mullin and Emily Colley-Divjak, co-founders of the Night Market decided to do it all again!

The next market will be WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2016 from 7PM-Midnight @The Ebar, Guelph.